Mixed Mode Datenerhebung per Telefon und Web von AMR Advanced Market Research und moweb research

Mixed Mode by AMR + moweb:
Tailored market research
in 72 countries

AMR + moweb merge their expertise in CATI + CAWI for tailored mixed-mode surveys: The combination of telephone + online reduces bias, increases the relevant coverage of your study and keeps costs reasonable.

Mixed Mode combines telephone + online: Get the best of 2 research methods  

By combining the two research methods, AMR + moweb sufficiently reach challenging or heterogeneous target groups. Flexible channel selection increases leverage while reducing various types of bias – within an optimised budget and timeframe.  

Relevant coverage

The telephone interviewers guarantee that the right person answers the questions. Therefore reducing the sources of error that could lead to invalid results in online screenings.

Biases reduction

Whether social desirability bias or selection bias: methodological weaknesses are compensated for by the mixed methods.

Improved response rates

By phone or online? When respondents have a choice, they participate more often.

Examples of the combination of telephone + web:  

For data collection, telephone + online can be used in parallel and with an equal or more significant emphasis: Extend your CATI study with multimedia online questionnaires or complement your online data collection with controlled telephone interviews. The methodological weaknesses of both methods can be compensated by using mixed mode.

1. CATI + CAWI on an equal footing

Your target group can choose how they want to participate in the survey: by phone or online; with the proper design, both data sets can be merged efficiently.

2. CATI recruitment + CAWI survey

Telephone recruitment can be more effective for demanding or heterogeneous target groups by guaranteeing that the right person responds. After the telephone interview, respondents can complete the questionnaire independently on their computer.

3. CAWI survey + qualitative interviews via CATI

An online form is used to quickly and cost-effectively generate a large sample that provides a quantitative overview of the topic. On the other hand, individual telephone interviews with selected respondents are used for more specific questions and deeper psychological insights.

Two expert teams from Düsseldorf for your global market research

AMR Advanced Market Research GmbH Logo

AMR Advanced Market Research GmbH

AMR has conducted research in 72 countries worldwide since 1981, making it one of the established institutes in Europe. Preferred method: telephone interviews


Research via CATI


42 years of telephone research


Native-speaking interviewers


B2B & B2C databases

Global studies in 72 countries

Global studies in 72 countries

moweb research GmbH Logo

moweb research GmbH

moweb research is a pioneer in online research. As early as 2004, the institute recognised the relevance of the WWW for global data collection.


Research via CAWI


19 Jahre Online-Erfahrung

3.1 Million

active online panel members


B2B & B2C databases

Global studies in 72 countries

Global studies in 72 countries

Herbert Höckel: Founder of moweb research and managing director of AMR Advanced Market Research

»Mixed mode opens up new opportunities to improve the quality of surveys and the respondent experience. Thanks to both teams’ years of experience with both methods, we can customise your survey independently to fit your needs.«

Herbert Höckel
Gründer von moweb + Managing Director von AMR

Data collection via Mixed Mode – your advantages at a glance

Greater reach and representativeness

Some target groups are better reached with one method than the other. Mixed Mode reaches a broader and more diverse sample of respondents.

High cost efficiency

Online surveys are generally less expensive than telephone surveys because there is no need for interviewers, and respondents can answer at their own pace. By combining the two methods, the overall cost of data collection can be optimised.

Better response rate

Some respondents prefer to answer by phone, while others prefer the anonymity and convenience of an online survey. Offering both options increases the overall response rate.

Data quality improvement

Mixed mode improves the data quality. In telephone interviews, the social element plays a role in making respondents less open to sensitive questions than the anonymity of Internet surveys, which are easier for participants to manipulate. Mixed mode makes it possible to check for inconsistencies or discrepancies in data from both methods.

More data in a shorter time

Online surveys can be conducted simultaneously with a large number of respondents, whereas telephone interviewers can only conduct a limited number of interviews in a given time frame. Mixed mode efficiently captures more data in less time.

Technological Independence

Online surveys can include multimedia elements such as images, videos or interactive questions, which is not feasible with telephone surveys. The interviewer in an telephone survey on the other hand is better able to extract data and value the respondent. The combination of the two approaches, therefore, offers a broader range of options for presenting questions.